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  1. Image of woman outside

    Try our full-body playground workout

    Here’s a 10-step playground workout that will work your upper body, lower body and core!

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  2. Image of woman stretching

    How to start a new fitness routine

    - Physio Tips

    Many of us start the new year with good intentions to be healthier and happier, committing to a new exercise routine or gym membership. But, after a few months or in some cases a few weeks, this can fall down - can you relate?

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  3. Man running

    The secret to keeping your New Year’s resolutions

    - Physio Tips

    Learn how to make and stick to your New Year’s resolutions!

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  4. Image of a woman with back pain

    Understanding back pain

    - Injury Treatment and Prevention

    Lower back pain is a common injury. It is estimated that 60-80% of the adult population will experience it sometime in their life and 6% of the population have back pain at any one time.

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  5. Image of woman skipping

    Benefits of skipping for exercise

    - Fitness and Training

    Skipping is something we probably all did as children. It’s great fun – but skipping is also a serious exercise technique used by everyone from professional boxers to improve their conditioning to gym goers looking for a fitness fix.

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